Landfill site

Construction of the landfill site

The Gulu City landfill site construction works commenced in May 2021 by Geomax construction company Limited. The scope of this work included; construction of a weighbridge, 3R facility, site offices and so on. Due to the financial inability of the contractor (Geomax construction company limited) to complete above mentioned work scope, their contract was terminated in 2022.


The contract between Gulu City Council and Geomax Construction Company for the construction of the landfill site was terminated due to the financial inability of the contractor to complete the works.

The client is currently waiting for “No Objection” from the Funding Agency to select another contractor to complete the unfinished works through a limited competitive bidding procedure.

However, before the termination of the previous contract, the concrete floor for the 3R facility had been cast and walling of the superstructure for the 3R facility was underway.
Additionally, construction of the hollow concrete block superstructure walling up to 3meters, below the ring beam, was complete and as soon as another contractor is procured, the remaining works shall be completed.

Office Buildings
Overall construction site

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