Phase 1b

1.1 Disposition Fund Projects

The Disposition Fund was activated in April 2018 with the aim of implementing small community based projects in Gulu City. Since its activation, several projects have been implemented. These are implemented in batches and they include;

Batch 1

All the projects under this batch of measures were finalized and these include;

  1. setting up of the project management hub
  2. Layibi Central school fencing
  3. Demonstration of on-site toilet technology options
  4. Sanitation & Water supply Inventory and Database
  5. Construction of footbridges at Philip Okech, Wang Ojara and Lukung access roads
  6. Highland School Fencing
  7. Supply and Installation of Solar Power system at GMC and two health centers of Layibi Health Centre lll and Laroo Health Centre lll.

Batch 2

The projects under this batch include;

  1. Fencing of Laliya P.S, Laroo P.S and Pece Prison P. S
  2. Procurement of the Landfill Site.

Batch 3

  1. Fencing of Labourline P.S, Pece-Cubu P. S, Kirombe P. S, Wii Aworanga P. S, and Gulu Public Library.
  2. Construction of solid waste skip bases for Bar-dege – Layibi and Laroo – Pece Divisions.
  3. Menstrual Hygiene Management Campaign.

Batch 4

  1. Procurement and Fencing Landfill site in Laroo Division
  2. Construction of toilets and Fencing at Obiya West P.S, Baptist P.S, Holy Rosery P.S, Layibi Techo P.S and Mama Cave P.S
  3. Construction of Sanitation Facility at Wi Aworanga & Gulu Primary schools.
  4. Procurement of Solid Waste Management-Light Equipment
  5. City Clean – ups
  6. Construction of Hand wash facility in Underserved School in phase 1A
  7. Fabrication of Plastic bottles banks.

Batch 5

  1. Competition for young entrepreneurs on SWM
  2. First batch of on-site sanitation facilities
  3. Fencing of Gulu Prisons, Pece Pawel, St Mauritz and St Peter Primary Schools.
  4. Construction of public sanitation facilities at Kabedopong market, Rwot Acana gathering point & Lacor Complex market
  5. Fencing and construction of institutional toilet at St Joseph PS.
  6. Fabrication of Lot 2, Metallic skip containers.

Batch 6

  1. Construction of sanitation facilities at; Gulu cathedral, Akonyibedo P.S, Pakwelo P.S, Alokolum H/C and Kweyo P.S
  2. Fencing of Kweyo P.S

Batch 6 has been the final batch of projects under the Disposition Fund and it included construction of public and institutional sanitation facilities as well as one school fencing as seen above. Below are their pictures.

Alokolum H/C
Pakwelo P.S
Gulu Cathedral toilet
Akonyibedo P.S
Kweyo P.S toilet
Kweyo P.S Fencing
In summary, the IPILC project under phase 1b constructed;
3 Footbridges, Fenced 19 schools & 2 Public places, 5 public toilets 11 institutional toilets, 11 Wash A lot facilities in 9 schools, 30 plastic bottle banks, installed solar panels in 2 H/Cs & GCC administration block, procured 2 motorcycles, 22 blocks of on-site toilets, 2 bio-gas toilets procured 2 landfill trucks, 4 skip loader trucks, 1 compactor truck 58 metallic skip containers, 58 MHM bins, 44 skips bases, 247 plastic containers etc.

Planned Activities:

  • Development of a concept for treating solid waste collection and disposal.
  • Procurement of both “heavy” and “light” solid waste collection equipment.
  • Procurement of plots for the Landfill site.


  • To properly manage and treat solid waste in the municipality.


  • The concepts for solid waste management was approved in July 2018.
  • The plots for the landfill site were procured by GCC, surveyed and fenced.
  • Four skip loader trucks and a compactor truck were procured.
  • Landfill trucks (wheel loader and bulldozer) were also procured.
  • 58 metallic skip containers were fabricated and delivered to the client.
  • Light waste equipment for the road gang that included; wheel barrows, street cleaning trolleys, plastic wheel containers of various sizes, uniforms etc., were procured and delivered.

Solid Waste Marketing Campaigns were finalized with various activities like clean-ups, procurement of light waste equipment for the road gang, procurement of plastic litter bins etc., implemented.

Skip loader trucks
Plastic litter bins
Wheel loader truck
Metallic skip containers
Road gang receiving their equipment
Clean-up day

Planned Activities:

Management of Pece and Aywee streams (major flooding spots).


  • To avoid flooding and its effects by preventing and sending away stagnant water.


  • The lining works for Pece and Aywee stream channels were completed.
  • These were done following the Nema regulations that were stipulated in the wetland permit that was attained before the commencement of the works.
Pece stream before the IPILC project
Aywee stream channel
Pece stream channel

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